Youth Ministries

Youth Ministries has a group motto that is, “To Love is to Serve”,  it has been and continues to be the driving force that helps us determine and evaluate everything we do. From activities to events, to time spent at the altar, our main goal in working with the Youth of our church is to rise up a generation that understands God’s plan for their lives and how they can positively affect the world around them. Every week the students of Royal Church of God In Christ are challenged by the word to surrender their lives to our Creator. We are continually striving to know God and to make Him known. In Royal's Youth Ministries, our aim is to provide a place and time where young people will be able to have an encounter with the Living God, and be a resource for the modern family as you raise your teens in the way they should go.

Royal Rangers

We are Royal Rangers  “We Do More!”

Royal Rangers is a mentoring program that meets for future men. We provide Christlike character formation and servant leadership development for boys and young men ages 5-18 in a highly relational and fun environment. Our mission is to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders.

Girls Ministries 

Gender specific ministry is crucial for developing girls into women of God. Girls are faced with so much confusion and temptation in their daily lives, but in a setting catered to girls they can connect with each other and an older mentor who can invest in them through Bible study and activities and help them grow in their faith and discover the answers to the questions they face. Our goal is to see every girl moving toward a deep relationship with Jesus Christ. We seek to empower girls to realize their importance and potential in the kingdom of God.