What should I wear?

At Royal, we are not really concerned with how a person dresses. Wear what is comfortable for you. We have people in our service who span the spectrum, from jeans and t-shirts, to khakis and a button-down. Regardless of what you are comfortable wearing, no one is going to make you uncomfortable...we are glad you are here as our guests. 

What about Bibles...I can't find mine? 

We provide a complimentary copy of the Scriptures for anyone who would like it. Our hope is that you will take one if you need one. If you need help knowing where to start reading...someone will make a suggestion. The Scriptures are provided on an outline and are also on the screen during the service, so you will not be left wondering where something comes from.

What about programs for children?

Royal's Sunday School is available for children from Birth - Entering 5th Grade. This is not a "babysitting" service, but is a time when our Director of Children's Ministry has prepared a lesson and some fun activities on the level of the kids in the class. This way, the children are learning too...something that is very important to us. 

I am a new mom and need to care for my child during the service, is there a way to do that?

Absolutely. One of our staff will notify you if your child needs attention in the nursery. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the worship service. When your child needs you, we will let you know and will provide a location for you to care for your child.

What about joining the church or other decisions that I am curious about...how do I do that?

Our pastor or staff meet with everyone who joins the church. We are a covenant community...meaning that we have some beliefs and expectations that we all agree with. Our pastor conducts a "Discovering More About Royal " class where he explains who we are, where we came from, why we exist, and what we believe. This is more of a "town hall meeting" or "fireside chat" than a seminar with plenty of opportunities to interact and ask questions. Everyone who is curious about our church is encouraged to attend one of these sessions and all potential members are required to attend. After all, who would ever want to join something as significant as a church...and not even know with certainty what they believe?

As for other decisions, during the commitment time at the end of the service, the pastor will ask everyone to fill out a "Connection Card." On the back is a great place to indicate particular decisions, request prayer, or ask for an appointment with the pastor or staff. Just because you fill out a card does not mean someone is going to just "show up" at your home. We treat your information with a high degree of respect...and never make your information available to persons outside the church leadership.

What about Baptism...and things like that?

We offer baptism to those who make professions of faith in Jesus as Lord. These services are arranged at different times during the year and are announced well in advance. We offer an informational session prior to the baptism service to explain what is involved and why we do it.  

When and where do you meet?

We meet at Royal Church of God In Christ  for Sunday Morning Worship at 11:30 AM. 

997 Sawyer Road, Kent NY 14477